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Aesthetic Industry for Dentists

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

If you’re a Dentist looking for a new career, then this blog is for you!

As a Dentist, you will likely already be aware of the impact that aesthetic treatment has on clients – with Dentists themselves also responsible for delivering the kind of experience and end result that clients turn to when they want to transform and improve their appearance. After all, great teeth can transform the facial features and the look of a person, and so Dentists are expected to know the make up of the facial features and the basic facial structure almost as well as an aesthetic practitioner.

Can a Dentist branch out into Aesthetics?

Far from requiring Dentists to completely change their career path and business model, Dentists and the aesthetic industry alike are now starting to understand and appreciate the links between the two worlds – with Dentists eligible for the kind of training required that can make them an expert in both teeth and the face itself.

Medical aesthetics refer to the Botox and dermal filler that make up some of the most common aesthetic treatments available – with Dentists well primed to take a side-step into the world of medical aesthetics without going back to square one. There have been plenty of examples of Dentists changing their path in order to embrace more variety in their work, with most training programs accepting Dentists as eligible for dermal filler training and more.

Adding aesthetic treatment to a Dental surgery

Given the complimentary existence of dental treatment and medical aesthetics, more and more surgeries are looking to add aesthetic procedures to their list of treatments, allowing clients and patients to come in and not only transform their smile but also enhance their other facial features for the best possible effect. This does change the way that Dentists are advised to market their services, with dual-practices opting for the aesthetic Dental model which spotlights their expertise at dealing with facial treatments and injections painlessly and effectively. These can all give Dentists an edge when they choose to move into the aesthetic field, as they are already renowned for working with delicate areas of the body and focussing on small changes which lead to big results.

How to go from Dentist to an aesthetic all-rounder

As a Dentist you already know and understand how to work with injections in the delicate areas of the face and have specialist training in and around the mouth area. You will also have an existing understanding of the make-up and structure of the face and will have a good eye for detail.

By undergoing a dermal filler or Botox course, you can transition into medical aesthetics to boost your professional services and allow you to give clients a well-rounded experience and overall finish that will help them achieve the youthful look they are seeking. Dentists can move straight into dermal filler and Botox training from their existing qualifications, giving them a simple path into the world of aesthetics.


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