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What qualifications do I need to perform Dermal Fillers?

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

In this blog we will be covering one of the most common questions we get asked both by trainee’s and clients – do you need qualifications to perform dermal fillers, and how do you go about getting them?

The long and short of it is that it depends what area you work in prior to joining the aesthetic and beauty industry. Medical professionals are covered to perform dermal fillers as part of their existing training, while non-medics will need to have completed NVQ Level 3 in Beauty (or a similar qualification) with the relevant dermal filler training on top of that.

Who is eligible for dermal filler training?

Medical professionals are able to perform dermal fillers already, though many will undergo exclusive filler training prior to starting client treatments in order to ensure that they are able to offer the best experience.

Non-medics refer to those who are eligible for training but who come from outside of the medical field – including Beauty Therapists who have already completed their NVQ in Beauty Training, Dental Hygienists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Paramedics, and Operating Department Practitioners.

Trainees should note that they need to have completed their NVQ Level 3 in Beauty prior to undergoing dermal filler training, if they are entering from a beauty background. They will also need to become insured in order to undergo dermal filler training, with the training program creating their eligibility criteria based on the requirements of the insurance provider. As such, any issues should be discussed with the insurer rather than the training provider.

What will I need once I have completed the training?

Aesthetic practitioners will need a prescriber for the anti-wrinkle Toxin – which is considered a medicine. This can be a local Doctor who you know already, or else you can get in touch with various training bodies who will be able to pair you up with a local Practitioner that can help. For Dermal Fillers you do not require prescriber.

What does the training involve in order to become qualified?

There are different stages of training that you can choose from if you want to become a fully qualified dermal filler provider, from the foundation course which covers the most basic and common anti-wrinkle injections and Hyaluronic acid, to the advanced course which provides more detail on the use of dermal filler in less commonly treated areas of the face. At Skinoza Academy we combine foundation and advanced training to provide maximum value to our students.

To become fully certified you will need to complete online training and pass the assessment and complete practical training done in person at Skinoza clinic and on live models.

Most training bodies will offer a package training program which also covers aesthetic business training, complications management, and more. We recommend that all aesthetic practitioners looking to build their own aesthetic treatment business undergo the extra training in consultations and complications management, business skills and correction treatments as well as the basic foundation skills.

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