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The benefits of pursuing a career as an Aesthetic Practitioner with Skinoza academy

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Taking the step from Beautician training to Aesthetician is a big one and requires a great deal of commitment and skill. Having said that, it is a jump which can be both rewarding and beneficial to your career – allowing you to deliver a high quality service to consumers who are looking for more effective and long-lasting procedures as a means of enhancing and/or retaining their youthful looks and aesthetic appearance.

We are of course, talking about anti-wrinkle injections and other such beauty procedures.

What is an Aesthetic Practitioner?

An Aesthetic Practitioner is a specially trained practitioner who specialises in assisting with clinical procedures and patient care. They are able to carry out dermal filler, sculptra, fat dissolving and mesotherapy injections, as well as laser hair removal and other body contouring procedures which are typically regarded as non-invasive.

When compared with the role of a Beautician, the best way to define the role of an Aesthetic Practitioner is to consider the scope of possibility in terms of the procedures that each is allowed to do. To be a Beautician, you must go through the necessary training in order to understand the aesthetic features of the body and face and how to enhance each area through different treatments. An Aesthetic Practitioner takes this one step further and is able to utilise the skills to perform more permanent procedures through injections as well as surface level treatments. This is achieved through anti-wrinkle injection training, dermal filler certification course, and lip filler training.

The benefits of becoming an Aesthetic Practitioner with Skinoza academy

  • You will be able to support your clients in more ways – providing them with a variety of treatments both injected and otherwise which can enhance their looks in line with their end goals.

  • You will join an industry which is growing rapidly in terms of clients and global demand.

  • You can always learn more, add to your repertoire, and further enhance your skillset.

  • You will join a network of Aesthetic Practitioners who support each other and share tips, tricks and new concepts designed to enhance treatments further.

  • You can earn more money and take charge of your career and schedule.

What do you need to become an Aesthetic Practitioner?

First and foremost, you need a highly rated training programme which provides support across all areas of the course. One of the leading traits of our Skinoza Academy London programme is that we enhance every step of the course with practical experience sessions and work on live models – giving students and budding Aesthetic Practitioners a chance to really understand and get to grips with the complexity of the human face. After undergoing the correct level of training, such as that provided by our Skinoza academy course, you will be presented with a certificate which will enable you to get the right level of insurance cover and set yourself up to further your career!


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