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Does the future of Aesthetic training lie in Masterclass?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

To define a masterclass, the first and most important thing to do is break the term down into its two main focus points – ‘master’ and ‘class’.

A traditional class is one taught by someone who has been trained to teach, with many aesthetic training schools employing teachers to come in and deliver training sessions to students across a range of different courses and aesthetic procedures.

Now let’s compare that with a masterclass – hosted by an expert or specialist in that one particular area, who has not only expertise but also experience and is well-positioned to provide anecdotal and factual advice and training support.

Here at the Skinoza Academy London, all of our courses and training sessions are considered masterclasses – elevating them high above the competition as we commit to delivering high quality to all our students regardless of the course they are set on.

Why masterclasses are so important when it comes to aesthetic training?

The art of successful aesthetic treatments and procedures lies in the process as a whole – from consultation through to the planning and delivery of the procedure. A well-trained aesthetic practitioner will not only be qualified and experienced in delivering the treatment itself, but will also have an intense understanding of how best to translate the initial consultation and the client’s requirements; culminating in an end product which satisfies the client and exceeds their expectations.

The fact is that the highest level of aesthetic training has to include every step of the client process faced by an aesthetic practitioner. That’s why all of our courses use live models and include workshops on leading a consultation – giving trainee practitioners the experience of distinguishing the desired results from a client and working out exactly how best to achieve them. We are also proud to offer long term support and supplementary online content and resources to support training sessions.

Enrolling on the best aesthetic training course for you

Now that you’ve ascertained how important it is to seek a provider which delivers high-end masterclass style courses and training, it’s time to decide what kind of training you are looking for.

Here at Skinoza Academy London, our mission is to deliver a wide range of aesthetic skills courses; enabling all our students to go on to further their careers and branch off as specialists or well-rounded aesthetic practitioners able to deliver everything from lip filler to anti-wrinkle injections. With all of our courses designed around how each skill and procedure works as part of an end result, trainees can rest assured that they will learn not the different treatments work together to impact and alter different areas of the face.

The future of aesthetic training is found through masterclasses which can be delivered in person and through supplementary virtual courses and training sessions; bringing together a broad scope of learning which is designed to provide trainees with an understanding of how every small procedure and treatment impacts the face and body in different ways.

For more information on how to sign up to join the Skinoza Academy London, visit our website (


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