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Five reasons why our Skinoza academy should be top of your list

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

You’ve made it this far – now it’s time to take the plunge and sign up to become an Aesthetic Practitioner. But how do you know you’re signing up for the right course, with the right course provider?

Here at Skinoza Academy, our focus is on delivering a course that ticks all the boxes you need to become an Aesthetic Practitioner – not just in name but in experience and confidence as well. This blog uncovers five of the reasons why you are in the right place, and why signing up for the Skinoza Academy course could just be the best thing you will do for your career this year!

  1. We cover all of the big Aesthetic procedures

At Skinoza Academy London we cover all of the main procedures to ensure that every Aesthetic Practitioner walks away with hands-on experience across a range of different treatments that their clients may require. What this means is that our students benefit from broad training which encompasses and explores different areas of the face and body, not only learning how different treatments work on their own but also how they can achieve different effects in comparison with other procedures.

Our course includes:

  1. We use live models to provide real-life hands-on experience

Every model is different – just like every one of your clients will be different. Understanding how individual faces are laid out is integral to receiving a well-rounded course of training, and that is why we always encourage as much hands-on training as possible as part of our course. Not only that but working on live models through the course also helps to build confidence and strengthen understanding.

  1. Our course is designed to be affordable and high in quality

There is no such thing as a cheap Aesthetic Practitioner course, however, it is our intention to offer courses that are affordable and can be regarded as an investment rather than an expense – providing you with valuable lessons and experiences, as well as the ongoing support of our expert training team.

  1. We provide everything you need so that you only have to focus on yourself

Unlike so many other Aesthetic Practitioner courses, here at Skinoza Academy we only require you to bring yourself to training sessions. We provide the models and all the materials so that all you need to focus on is bringing your best self and your commitment to learning to every session.

  1. We offer a wide range of support and follow-up guidance

Skinoza academy course doesn’t end when we hand over your certificate. Our biggest benefit is the ongoing support that students receive after they have completed the course, with the trainee support package including:

  • Complications Advice Line for whenever you need support with complications or side effects

  • 1-1 training and guidance with one of our skilled Clinicians

  • eLearning online courses

Find out more about enrolling on the Skinoza Academy course here.



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