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New learning formula

to sharpen your injection skills


The world of aesthetic injections and treatments is growing every year, with more clients than ever before seeking professional, non-invasive treatments to boost their confidence and give them back their smile from the outside, in.

Here at Skinoza Academy, our role is to ensure that every client receives the finest treatment from their practitioner - by working directly with these practitioners to improve their knowledge and enhance their skills across a broad range of treatments.

Are you ready to take your aesthetic business to new heights?

Led by experienced medical professionals and Doctors, each with over 10 years’ of experience and an extensive client list to include celebrities and society’s most recognisable faces, we equip our students with a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to successfully build their own careers as aesthetic practitioners.

Sharpen your injection skills, and fine-tune your treatment style, with the support of Skinoza Academy: your brand new aesthetic business mentor.

About us
Monthly payments are available for all courses
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All our trainers and course leaders have extensive knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine, as well as experience within both the NHS and the private sector. This provides them - and our course participants - with infinite knowledge about patient safety, treatment policies and trends in the market for both private and NHS clients.

The training provided by our experts is considered superior within the aesthetic industry, covering a series of bespoke anti-wrinkle injection treatments, dermal filler training, and introduction to skin enhancements and related treatments, and PDO thread face lifts. Working with both static and live models, every student at Skinoza Academy is taught in a hands-on way, giving you the confidence as well as the skills required to build your own aesthetic business.

Selecting the Skinoza Academy as your training provider will give you the opportunity to learn from the best practitioners on the market, gaining experience from some of the top clinics based in and around London - including the iconic Harley Street clinic. We are known for our highly diligent approach and delivery of beautiful, natural looking, and non-invasive results for clients from all walks of life.

If you’re ready to learn how to build an aesthetic business that’s based on quality, safety, and confidence for both you and your clients, then the doors of Skinoza Academy are open and waiting for you. Head to our Courses page to find out all about our Courses and how we can help you and your business.




For non-medics

Dermal filler certification

£ 1997

or from £357 with monthly payments



For medics

Anti-wrinkle certification

£ 1997

or from £357 with monthly payments

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For non-medics

Lip filler masterclass

£ 997

or from £178 with monthly payments

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Whether working with brand new practitioners or those with experience and a business already established, safety of both our students and their clients is at the centre of our work. To ensure that practitioners of all levels are operating safely and within regulations, a large portion of every training program and masterclass at Skinoza Academy is centred on health and safety best practice- both inside and outside the clinic.  

Each of our courses and training programmes covers the basics of consultation through to delivery of the treatment - educating practitioners on the importance of communication and transparency throughout the entire process of aesthetic treatment. Through a blend of practical and theoretical learning, we introduce the most important questions and points to focus on during initial meetings, before covering each notable element of each treatment option on the market.

Upon completion of a course, we end student practitioners away with a qualification in that specific area of expertise, as well as a collection of tools and resources to refer back to whenever they need to before and during future treatments. We also connect practitioners with other students for ongoing support and create a community vibe which brings experts together for lasting professional relationships.

We would like to hear from you, if you have any questions or concerns. Our team will come back to you within 24h.
International House,
6 South Molton Street,
London, W1K 5QF
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