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Training Standards – How do we measure up?

During the summer of 2022 it was reported that some of the aesthetics training courses on the market were delivering substandard training programs and were failing to appropriately equip practitioners with everything they need to run and operate a successful and safe business.

Of course, this has created an air of mistrust among some in the industry, making our attention to training standards more important than ever as we navigate the rise in demand for our training courses, amid the rise in the popularity of aesthetic treatments.

With that said, how exactly do we measure up when it comes to training standards – and what is it that you should be looking for in a reputable company that has your best interests in mind?

Unregulated courses lead to variation in quality

First and foremost, to the reason behind the vast contrasts in course quality – with aesthetics training courses up there as some of the most variable in terms of teaching style and quality.

This is largely because the industry remains unregulated, meaning that practitioners and trainers alike have no set and required standards that they must work towards and meet.

Because of this, when it comes to finding a good training provider, we advise that you not only look at the courses they offer but at the aesthetic practice experience they hold as a client-facing organisation – giving you some indication as to their own business acumen and position in the market.

The best training programs are those created and run by experts who are skilled in the field of aesthetic treatment, in teaching the ins and outs of aesthetic treatment, and in navigating the realities of owning and working for a business.

How to know if a training provider meets training standards

There’s a lot to be said for existing and past delegate reviews, as it is these genuine words and testimonials which will give you insight into the training experience from a delegate point of view.

Beyond that, there are a number of things that you can look for to establish whether a training provider meets the ideal standards.

  • Certificates and proof of their own training and experience. If a training provider offers specific training in certain areas of the aesthetics industry, in certain treatments, and with specific client groups or types, then you should be looking for evidence that they are fully trained and experienced in working across these areas.

  • An up to date CV which is easy to find, and which outlines the trainers’ experience.

  • A comprehensive consultation process for every new client, which showcases their commitment to client preferences when acting as a practitioner. It is so important that aesthetic trainers walk the walk when it comes to engaging in their own treatments and client-facing services, so looking for information on their process is integral to checking that they are viable and reputable.

Finally, consider not just the training provider as an organisation but as a series of individual trainers. As part of your research into the best training provider for you, ask who will be leading each session and find out what their experience is in relation to the skills that you are looking to hone.

As an aesthetic practitioner in training, finding a niche and a specialism is all part of honing your business plan and finding a way for you to stand out in the increasingly competitive market and industry. If you want to specialise in specific treatment types, do the research required to identify the best training provider to meet those specific needs – and then delve deeper into their training experience and testimonials from existing clients and delegates.

Why Skinoza Academy?

As a reputable all-rounder when it comes to aesthetic training, we believe that the more you know the better equipped you will be to manage the challenges and cases that come with each individual client. From helping you to create a viable business plan and operating model, to finetuning your skills with relation to each treatment type, our courses are all designed around making you better at what you do while empowering you with the confidence you need to take your business to the next level.

To find out more about our training courses, visit our website or reach out to the team directly.


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