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What Makes a Good Training Provider?

If you’re reading this, then we will assume that you are at least considering Skinoza Academy as the right training provider to help you overcome your uncertainties and concerns and carry you into the high end and profitable world of aesthetics and cosmetic treatments.

With our industry bigger than ever before, bolstered by a huge array of treatment options for both minor and more significant works and cosmetic fixes, finding the right training provider is integral in creating and framing your own success. With that said, what is it that you should be looking for in a training provider?

What to look for in a good training provider?

As a potential delegate, you should be paying attention not to what the training providers themselves say, but to what past delegates say about the course.

As is always the case across the commercial world, existing customers are the most reliable form of feedback and testimonial – with previous delegates providing insight into the quality of the course, the tutors and trainers, and the overall experience. Beyond that, it’s up to you to research each provider based on exactly what you want to learn and get out of your training course – with key considerations including:

  • What each training course specialises in

  • The experience level of the trainers themselves

One thing that delegates often overlook is the type of experience that trainers should ideally have. Because, contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about their experience in aesthetics.

The best trainers should be experienced in the areas of aesthetic practice, training others, and in the areas relating more directly to the growth and success of their business.

It is only with this triangle approach to training that you can ensure the highest level of support across every area of your growth as an aesthetic practitioner – with the best training providers able to arm you with the skills you need in a way that you can understand, supported by the backing of a strong business proposition and plan.

The best training providers are…


If your training provider is passionate about the industry and about their role in bringing up and introducing a new wave of practitioners to the market, then you can be sure that they will put their all into the program and that you will leave feeling inspired and empowered.


Patience is such an important trait to look for in a good training provider, as it is this which enables them to offer you the support that you need, when you need it. If your training provider does not make you feel comfortable when asking questions, then you are not in the right training situation. Aesthetics is an industry where confidence and understanding are everything, and it is up to your training provider to ensure that you feel ready for any and every kind of situation.


The more your training provider shares with you, the better. That means tips and tricks for achieving the best results, a comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of each treatment type, how to deal with different client requests and demands, and of course how to navigate the complexities of business.

Your training provider should offer workshops and modules which touch on client relationships and service, business growth, profitability, and more if you have any chance of running a successful aesthetic business.

Open to Discussion

Finally, when it comes to a good training provider, look for one which offers ongoing support and discussion as part of your package. From unusual client requests to hiccups in the business system, you want to find a training provider that offers long term support to its delegates, and which doesn’t just send them out, alone, into the world of business.

Skinoza Academy

Here at Skinoza Academy, we pride ourselves in delivering training courses which give our delegates what they need, when they need it. From practical skills to a basic understanding of the client psyche and what to ask to put clients at ease, every step of the aesthetic treatment process is explored and delved into as part of our course – bolstered by business skills, customer service insight, and so much more.

To learn more about our courses, and to read testimonials from past delegates, visit our website.

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