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The most popular dermal filler treatments in 2021

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

As restrictions continue to ease and we creep closer to normal life, socialising and travel resuming, more and more consumers are looking to dermal fillers to prepare themselves for a return to normal society.

With dermal filler presenting a less invasive alternative to plastic surgery, with little to no recovery time required and a far more affordable price tag, it is little wonder people from all walks of life and of all ages turn to dermal fillers to help restore youth in their complexions.

Here are three of the most popular treatments we expect to continue to soar throughout 2021 and beyond, as more and more clients seek natural enhancements which make them look younger and make them more confident in their appearance.

Gone are the days where getting lip filler treatment meant walking around with puffy duck lips for a couple of days after the procedure. Now, lip fillers are natural and can be tailored according to the clients desired look – whether that be restoring the lips of their youth, or adding a little extra volume for a sumptuous pout. Lip filler isn’t just about making lips bigger, it’s also about altering and enhancing the natural shape of the lips according to the client’s favoured finish, through a 30 minute treatment which lasts around 9 months on average.

Once clients have tried lip filler once they tend to return to the treatment again and again, topping up the dermal hyaluronic acid filler before the effects have worn away completely. For aesthetic nurses and beauticians, this means that lip filler is not only popular with first time clients but is also a great option for those seeking return business and a loyal customer base.

Cheek filler isn’t about puffing the cheeks out to look bloated, it is about creating and capturing a youthful balance where the cheeks are full of life without looking overblown. Cheek filler is designed to counteract the loss of fat in the cheeks over time, which can create wite a hollow and sallow look in older faces without the right care and attention.

The cheek filler can be injected according to the client’s desired finish, whether that be adding a youthful glow or creating more defined cheekbones. Many women tend to request filler which broadens their cheek bones and creates a diamond shape in their face which makes the chin and forehead look slimmer – replicating the look of a high fashion model. The filler lasts for around 18 months and the procedure itself takes 30 minutes – making it quick and easy, with instant results.

Without a doubt one of the most popular treatments, tear trough filler helps those who suffer from large bags under their eyes – filling the space directly under the eye so it appears more youthful and awake. The results of tear trough filler are skin to those earned from going on a detox, making it one of the most coveted natural treatments available through beauticians and aesthetic nurses at the moment. The treatment itself takes 30 minutes with the results lasting up to a year.

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