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Tear Trough Treatment and the Fillers Used

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Look in the mirror for a moment and focus on the area in and around your eye sockets.

Do you notice any dark circles? Do your eyes appear to sink into your face a little creating a hollow expression? Does the skin around the eyes seem to be aging your entire face?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you may well be the perfect candidates for Tear Trough Treatment. And trust us, it’s not as scary as it sounds!

What is Tear Trough Treatment?

The tear Trough refers to the area of skin between the bottom of your eye and the top of your cheek. As you grow older, or when you lose a large amount of weight, fat can be lost from this area of the face, resulting in that followed expression and the kind of dark circles which can make you look even older than you are – and it’s rarely the look that women are looking for!

As such, tear trough treatment has been developed as a form of dermal filler, which injects volume back into the skin under the eye and reduces the appearance of dark circles. The effect is instantly youthful, brightening the entire eye area and making your eyes really pop.

Not only that, but the right dermal filler can also stimulate the production of natural collagen in the skin, helping results last much longer by enabling the skin to continue to boost its own natural quality. Direct results typically last between 9 months and a year, though this natural collagen stimulation can see some women looking younger and bright-eyed for over a year.

What fillers are used for Tear Trough Treatment?

Our commitment to clients is to deliver the highest quality care and treatment, from the initial consultation right through to your procedure and after-care experience with us. That’s why we only use the best dermal fillers available – with our Tear Trough Treatment conducted using Teosyl Redensity 2 – the only dermal filler with a highly established safety profile and certification for use so close to the eye. This is because the dermal filler has been uniquely designed with a light finish, minimising the risk of bruising and suitable for the delicate area around the eye.

You will learn more about the dermal filler used and how the treatment is conducted at your initial consultation. This is also the time when your ideal results will be discussed, and the full treatment plan will be outlined prior to booking the procedure.

Is Tear Trough Treatment right for me?

If you’re concerned about dark circles and a loss of volume around your eye, then tear trough treatment is a simple and non-surgical intervention which instantly brightens and improves the quality of the skin around the eye. This makes you look younger and more alert – and is a popular treatment for women of all ages and lifestyles.

You can find out more about this treatment on our website.

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