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Uncovering the most popular dermal filler in 2021

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We often talk about the most popular treatments that clients search for in order to elevate and enhance their best features – but what about the actual fillers themselves? As beauticians and aesthetic nurses, it is just as important to know the difference between dermal fillers as it is to recognise which is best suited for different treatments and solutions.

What are the most popular dermal fillers?

There are five popular dermal fillers that are recognised as the top options in the industry. You will likely find that experienced clients know these names and know which filler they prefer to be used in their treatment, so understanding the differences for yourself is key.

  • Juvederm – This soft tissue filler is sold worldwide and encompasses a collection of injectable gels which can be used to add volume to thinning lips and severe facial wrinkles. These fillers can cost up to $700 in the USA, with longevity running between 3 months and around 9 months depending on lifestyle.

  • Restylane – Like Juvederm, this filler is non-animal-based and is used to correct concerns around ageing such as wrinkles and thinning lips. The injectable can also be used to correct dull and dehydrated skin, lasting up to 12 months depending on lifestyle and skin condition. Treatment using Restylane is a little more expensive than Juvederm at $800 for a treatment, though this depends on the exact filler used and quantity.

  • Belotero – These injectables are specially formulated for cosmetic use, sourced through bio-fermentation. There are five fillers in the range which are especially effective in rehydrating the skin, enhancing facial contours, and smoothing out wrinkles and deep lines. The cost is cheaper than the previous two options at around $500 per treatment, with results lasting up to 6 months.

  • Sculptra – This injectable works in a different way to the others, stimulating long term results thanks to the PLLA particles which optimise naturally producing collagen. This means that even after the filler has been metabolised, the effects last up to 2 years on their own. The use of Sculptra typically requires a series of sessions, costing around $600 per treatment, which is particularly effective against superficial to deep lines.

  • Radiesse – Another treatment that stimulates natural collagen production, this synthetic filler adds volume under the skin and is particularly effective in helping provide skin with the youthful fullness that is lost with age. Once the filler is metabolised, the naturally produced collagen remains in place, meaning results can last up to a year. Treatments cost up to $800 depending on the quantity required.

Is anyone filler better than another?

There are a number of factors that can influence which filler is better for a specific treatment, including longevity of results, the ease of application and use, and the cost of each dermal filler. Those that come at a higher cost often have to be sold to the client at a subsequently higher fee, and this can prove challenging for small boutique beauticians and those who are still building up a reputable client list.

When it comes to selecting the best dermal filler, do your research and make sure that when the client asks questions, you are able to go into detail about the best filler for their treatment and why.

For more information and support on selecting the right dermal filler, head to our website and find out more about the courses we offer to support aesthetic beauticians and nurses.

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