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How much does an Aesthetic Nurse earn?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and other dermal and lip fillers are big business and are popular with consumers of all ages and walks of life. As such, the demand is there for those who choose to go into the business – and if you have the time and discipline to undergo the complete training, you can start earning some good money as an aesthetic nurse once you are fully qualified.

The first decision you will need to make is whether you plan to operate alone or as part of a bigger and already established business. While the former is a great long term plan for those looking to provide specific services to clients, the latter option can be a good starting point for those with little experience in the industry, or for those who want to build up a reliable client base before going it alone. Working under an established business also means you are more likely to benefit from a stable salary rather than only earning when you provide treatments, as well as the other benefits of working as an employee such as holiday and maternity leave.

How much can an aesthetic nurse earn?

A fully qualified and full-time aesthetic nurse can expect to earn between £29,000 and £45,000 per annum when working with an established clinic or beauty parlour. Because aesthetic treatments require more skill and training than more standard beauty treatments, they do garner a higher salary and so it is considered a well-paid job in the industry. If you are a trained medical professional with prescribing power on top of your aesthetic training, this can result in even higher salaries at the right established business.

If you were to conduct your own treatments as a sole trader or a small business owner, takings can be much higher although you will need to establish insurance and other admin foundations in order to operate legally and safely. Doing this can also take time to grow and so you are unlikely to earn a top-level figure in your first few months and even years.

What are the other benefits of training to become an aesthetic nurse?

If you decide that becoming an aesthetic nurse is the right avenue for you, there are a number of benefits you will find in the industry – not least the demand which keeps practising nurses busy all year round. The variety of options available to those who decide ultimately to go it alone helps to reduce the risk, with trained nurses able to rent a room in an established beautician practice, find their own venue, or run a mobile treatment space which either takes you into client’s homes or invites them into your home.

The freedom of being your own boss and operating under sociable hours is one of the greatest benefits of becoming an aesthetic nurse, combined with the potential for high salaries and profits for a successful beautician.

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