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The use of Cannulas in the Aesthetic Industry

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

With more and more aesthetic trends and treatments coming into the spotlight through the recommendation of celebrities and influencers, we thought it was time to bust a few myths and explore some of the treatment options and tools used in our most common procedures.

Today we’re talking about cannulas – used around the lips and eyes and other areas of the face where the aim is to reduce side effects and leave the patient looking as natural as possible after treatment.

A cannula is essentially a bunt tipped tool which is pushed into the skin after a small hole is made with a needle. Crucially, it does not have the ability to perforate any blood vessels or tissues, pushing blood vessels aside rather than going straight through them – and thus reducing the risk of bruising and under-skin bleeding during the treatment.

In short, cannulas are safer to use than needles – but are they easier or more difficult to master?

A closer look at aesthetic cannulas

Aesthetic training generally covers the use of needles to inject dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injection solutions, alongside an array of other procedures and treatments – with cannulas generally being picked up and taught at some point after basic training is complete as they are considered marginally more difficult to master than a needle. However, there are calls to add cannula training to the basic qualification, particularly as an increasing number of patients prefer and ask for cannula treatment over the standard needle.

This is largely because of the reduction in potential harm caused by cannulas in comparison with needles. Some of the other advantages that patients see with the use of cannulas rather than needles, include:

  • Quicker treatment

  • Faster recovery with less swelling and bruising

  • Less pain as a cannula does not poke through any more blood vessels

So, what’s next and how do we intend to increase our use of cannulas?

How we intend to increase our use of cannulas

With the growing demand for cannula-led treatment, it follows that our training program should introduce cannulas as an alternative to needles for many dermal filler treatments and procedures. Patients will always be presented with a choice, though the recommendation is to opt for a cannula whenever treatment is in or around a sensitive and delicate area of the face such as the eyes or lips – ensuring that the patient goes home after their treatment with minimal bruising and no inhibiting side effects.

Clients and patients should note that every treatment will follow an in-depth consultation, where you will be able to discuss your ideal results with the practitioner and they will talk you through the procedure in full and what you can expect.


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