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Top aesthetic-related searches: Uncovered

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

As Aesthetic Practitioners it pays to have an understanding of what is on-trend, whether we pick this up through social media, celebrity trends, the mainstream media, or simply the most common internet searches.

Now more than ever, Aesthetic Practitioners are finding that their target demographic is widening in both directions – with the youngest clients getting steadily younger, and the oldest clients getting steadily older, as we all strive for that perfect aesthetic finish which we think will make us look better and feel happier.

Whether or not this actually works is down to the overall procedural finish – but as a starting point, gaining a base knowledge on what clients are looking for, and what influences their thought processes, is important and is something that we at Skinoza Academy actively encourage.

1. It depends on the location

Interestingly, a study by Swedish health and beauty retailer New Nordic recently looked into which aesthetic trends and searches were most popular – and how that was impacted by area. They found that while the diet was of course the most prominent search all over the UK, its search rate was impacted by location. 5,000 searches were performed in London over the course of a month, while Southern city Southampton saw only 1,100 searches for diets – indicating that locality and demographic plays a part in the top searches for an area.

Meanwhile, another popular aesthetic search was around how long anti-wrinkle injection treatment lasts; popular on the South coast, where again the affluent audience may be impacting the driving force and motivation of searches.

2. It depends on the time of year

Have you ever noticed how searches and motivations change at different times of the year? We often consider weight loss as one of the most popular aesthetic trends of the Spring and Summer months, however, it is actually around the new year that people are most likely to search for and start a new diet.

3. It depends on the day

From searching for a new diet to start on Monday to seeking anti-wrinkle injection treatment just in time for a Friday night out or a weekend first date, a lot of aesthetic trends are formed by days of the week and how prominent our appearance is at different stages of our week. Companies can take this one step further by using analytics to find out who this audience is and when they are at their most active as captive customers; choosing that time to send out promotions and targeted ads.

4. Top searches uncovered

What this article proves is that despite a handful of factors impacting the top searches and their interaction from captive consumers, there is still a very basic and straightforward demand for search results that tell us how to look better, how to lose weight, and how to rid our face of unwanted lines and wrinkles. Our job as Aesthetic Practitioners, whether through Skinoza Academy or not, is to turn those searches into captive clients, and eventually happy customers!

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