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Top 5 Hottest Celebrity Aesthetic Treatments

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

If you’ve ever visited a popular culture news site, picked up a magazine, or browsed through the comments on Twitter, you will have seen the kind of aesthetic treatments we are talking about. From Before and After comparison photos, to breakdowns of celebrity faces and a list of the potential treatments they could have undergone, society is obsessed with the aesthetic changes that celebrities undergo to look “better” and “younger” – with many people replicating these procedures themselves.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at 5 of the most popular celebrity aesthetic trends on the market.

The Vampire Facial is a treatment we both teach and offer as part of our own repertoire, inspired largely by the celebrities who want to freshen up their look of their skin. These kinds of treatments have become famous for the way that celebrities flaunt them on their Instagram profiles and in their Youtube videos, with a Vampire Facial first extracting blood from the skin and then plastering the platelet-rich plasma back over the skin.

Yes, it looks pretty gross in the pictures and videos – but the results can be transformational for the quality of the skin.

With so many weird and wonderful aesthetic options on the market today, cosmetic fillers and Botox seem almost standard and normal – and yet still they are some of the most popular celebrity treatments out there. From the enlarged lips of Kylie Jenner to the smooth forehead of all the Friends stars who appeared in the May 2021 Reunion show, fillers are renowned for their revitalising and youthful finish, and will likely never go out of style.

There’s a reason why this one is so popular with celebrities – not least the way that tighter skin helps them appear younger and with smoother skin. Just like cosmetic filler, this is a quick and non-surgical way of tightening the skin, using an exfoliating peel, Intense Pulsed Light which breaks down brown spots, Microdermabrasion and then radio frequency which firms up the skin once it has been treated.

These types of facials are particularly effective for preventing breakouts and dealing with problem skin, with a gauze soaked in freezing cold liquid nitrogen applied to the face. Think of it as sitting in one of those ice cold baths (something that celebrities also love to do on their social media profiles) but for the face – and with a little added bacteria killing nitrogen for good measure.

Moving away from the face for our last hot celebrity treatment, and this is one which covers the head to toe glamour of stardom – with a gentle laser treatment over the body followed by a peel and serum that helps to build natural collagen for long lasting results. The final effect of a full body facial is that coveted glow and revitalised look across the entire body – making it a popular choice for event days and for those looking to shoot a movie soon.


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